February 16th – 17th 2019 in Prague

Na Trebesine 3215/1, 100 00, Praha 10

The closest public transportation stop is Zelivskeho (metro line A, tram 5, 11, 16, 26).

Parking at the hall is available and for free.


We expect 8-12 attending teams to compete at the Tournament. Teams can have from 7 to 12 players on a list. A player can play only for one team. The team leader will hand in a constant team list including the Statement upon arrival. All players must be over 16 years.

Indoor shoes are the only accepted type in this hall.

Teams will play 4+1 based on futsal rules. The system of the tournament, rules and current results will be on Results page.

Tournament fee and payment

In order to confirm your registration you need to pay a non-refundable deposit (of the total sum) of 20 € / per team.

190 € / per team registered and with deposit paid by December 1st 2018*

210 € / per team registered and with deposit paid by January 1st 2019*

230 € / per team registered and with deposit paid after January 1st 2019*

* the date of the deposit credited to an account will determine

The total sum has to be paid by January 31st 2019.

It is also possible to send the total sum at once as a confirmation of the team registration.

We accept only a bank transfer payments of the tournament deposits and fees:

Account No.: 43-9851400257/0100

IBAN: CZ9501000000439851400257


Note: Team name


Accommodation in not included in the price. Although, we can help arrange it upon request.

Tournament schedule

On Saturday we will open up the tournament, play first matches and in the middle of the day we will have a short program right in the hall. Saturday evening will be free then. At the Downloads page you can find contacts to a nearby restaurants that you can book for your individual meetings. We will have a team photos taken in between the matches on Sunday. The tournament will finish at the early evening, at maximum by 5pm.

Tournament conditions

Each team leader is responsible for his team meeting the conditions of the tournament:

  • minimum of 7 players
  • on-line registration and fee payment
  • to familiarise all players with the Statement and the Tournament rules
  • hand in the constant and fully signed Team list and the Statement upon arrival
  • players below 18 years must habd in a Parental Approval Form too
  • each player has to have a valid insurance with him in the Hall both days
  • players are allowed to play only in indoor shoes
  • the team has to have united team jerseys with numbers

Each player participates at his own risk. Tournament organizer, Ambassadors Football Czech Republic, z. s., its staff, and volunteer leaders are under no liability whatsoever in respect to any personal loss or injury that may occur by participation at the tournament.

Other practical information

Please note that we will accept only Czech Crowns and not exchange any Euros.

You will need 10CZK coins for lockers in the changing rooms.

I recommend withdrawing the local currency from the ATM despite the rate and fee.

In terms of food, we will sell baguettes, apples and biscuits and you will get contacts to the closest pizza deliveries. If you would like to buy little snacks from us, you will need Czech Crowns. If you prefer to shop for yourself, the closest shopping center to the Hall is Flora at the underground station Flora. Though I strongly suggest shopping a day before because of the early start. In Supermarkets and most of the restaurants, you can pay by card.

Public Transportation

Before you get on any public transportation, you need to get a 90-minutes ticket for 32CZK. (Or day ticket or 3-days ticket.)

On the Downloads page you can find more useful information regarding restaurants, maps and public transportation.

The closest public transportation stop to the Hall is Zelivskeho (metro line A, tram 5, 11, 16, 26).

From the Airport

There is a Public transportation kiosk at the airport where you can buy the tickets There are also ticket machines but they accept Czech coins only.

I recommend to use the ATM and then get the local currency and change or buy a drink at McDonalds or so.

The bus drivers sell tickets too, but they are more expensive at the bus and they dislike to do it. Anyway, it is a plan B, in case you don´t get coins.

Right outside of the arrivals hall, there is a bus station. Cross the Taxi road to the bus station and find a stop with Bus 119 going in a direction to Nadrazi Veleslavin.

Get on the bus, mark the ticket in the yellow machine, keep it safe with you all the time and go all the way long to the end station Nadrazi Veleslavin. The bus goes every 5 minutes, (10 minutes at the evening till midnight).

There go to the underground and take the only line A in a direction to Depo Hostivar and go up to a station Zelivskeho. The underground goes every 5 minutes, (10 minutes at the evening till midnight)

Public transportation is reliable in Prague. Your Journey will take 45 minutes.

Use the escalators to get up and turn right to exit in a direction to hotel Don Giovanni. Use the maps on the Downloads page to walk to the Hall.

Behind the Don Giovanni hotel, there is a bus station and a high and long wall (a cemetery) - you will walk by that wall. Walk on Streets Izraelska and Pod Kaplickou.


Should you have any questions by then please don´t hesitate to contact Aneta Jindrova at, +420 732 919 776.

Tournament coordinator: Ondrej Mazany,, +420 774 400 721.

Join us on Facebook event if you are participating at the Tournament.

Follow the news there too.